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Connecting with your guardian angels, guides, dragons and other members of your spirit team, messages and tarot reading.

During the reading:

* You will learn who your spirit guides and guardian angles, personal dragons and other members of your spirit team are, and what area of your life they assist you with for example; protection, family, career, health.

This knowledge is beneficial as you can then call in your own spirit team by name and ask for assistance in a certain area of your life that you need help or insight with.

* You can also learn if you have been with a member of your team before and what relationship you had with them - sometimes it is like meeting old friends.

* Learn about past life relationships with family and friends - many people love to learn how many lives they have been with there partner or best friends and what happened in them.

*The guides give messages on areas of your life you may need to change or heal which can often include past life issues - for example they may suggest you need to drink more water / bring more color into your house/ put a crystal at your front door / heal a life time where you were a thief so you can clear out karma and guilt and punishment intentions against yourself so you can have a better relationship with money.

* Connect with loved ones in spirit.

*Oracle tarot cards can be read so you can view future influences.

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