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Hi I'm Sharon and I have worked as an alternative Healer/ clairvoyant/ Medium in Christchurch NZ for the past 26 years. I enjoy meeting and helping people  of all ages and walks of life.  I integrate a wide range of therapies to prevent and treat disease and promote optimal health and well-being on all levels.    

My Story

I was  born and raised on a farm in the Canterbury planes. I loved the outdoors and spent many hours playing with my pet lambs, helping my Dad with the sheep and playing with friends in the grain silos.

When I left school I worked on my Dads farm for a year then on a dairy farm in the Waikato for a year, I then attended Lincoln college and did a Diploma in Agriculture and then a diploma in farm management.

I then worked on my parents farm for 3 years.

It was during these 3 years I began to become aware the spiritual side of my life - learning all about my spirit guides and I began have visions of things before they happened - this lead me into exploring this side of myself more so I could use it in my life and to help others. I practiced lots of readings on people and went to many spiritual events.

Then the travel bug hit me and I went traveling overseas.

I lived in England for 2.5 years and a year in New Mexico - where I had a great adventures and meet many interesting people and learnt a lot about myself and many spiritual / healing techniques and knowledge.

After returning home my career focus had changed and I moved into studying alternative health

I trained in many types of kinesiology - touch for health / soul power/ health kinesiology and energy healing and I trained as a homeopath over many years.

I also met and then married Kenneth Cairns - who also has a big interest in the spiritual healing fields and we raised two wonderful children - who are now adults still living in Christchurch.

I love to  go on walks especially with my dog Simon and my family, to go to the movies, visit family and friends and have board games night and to read and I love to travel.


*Certified practitioner in Health Kinesiology levels 1-7

*Certified Practitioner in Touch for health kinesiology

*Soul Power Kinesiology Certificates levels 1-3

*Healing Touch Certificates levels 1-3

* Homeopathy (trained at college of health and homeopathy)

* Anatomy and physiology level 3


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Call Sharon 0226753397
NZ 64-226753397

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