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House and Land and Business Clearing and healing:

* Homes and business have an energy field just like people, they hold onto all the energy of the people that have lived or worked in them. Therefore if there was happiness then happiness will remain but so can the energy of sadness, anger, business failure, relationship breakups and these emotions and energies can affect you home and business in negative ways.

* Spirit being who are lost and haven't gone into the light yet can also affect you and your environment making you feel depressed, unmotivated, angry, children can be unusually naughty and not sleep well, you can have relationship problems, these are some of the  many and varied symptoms an unclear energy in a home and business can cause.

* The release of lost soul and clearing the energy field of land and buildings can make people living there feel happier, children may be more settled and animals calmer, business profits may increase and employees may be happier and have better working relationships.

The family environment is calmer and people can move forward in life.

Sometimes geopathic stress may be an issue in a place and this is assessed and healed if possible.  The term Geopathic stress means energy emanating from the earth that causes discomfort and ill health in humans,

Some examples of Geopathic stress that can cause stress to humans are:

* Underground water - that is polluted or has sudden changes in height or direction,

* Curry  /lay lines that are damaged or. crossed with other lines.

* Fault lines

* Minerals deposits

* Energy drains

These stresses sometimes require you to use cures - some examples are: You need to place some rods in the ground, place a certain color on a wall - like a picture or a photo or an crystal at the front door.

How Home and Business clearing and healing work:


You send me a roughly drawn floor plan by email (does not have to be to scale) or if you have the original that is good too, and a photo pf the house or business with information about what the issues are that you want to clear and any history you may know of the land and building recent or in the past that might be relevant to the clearing.

Then my spirit guides and I work on the etheric energy of your place or business - using a pendulum for dowsing what corrections are needed and then applying the corrections to the etheric energy - that take around 1 to 1.5 hours.

if you live in Christchurch or in the surrounding areas then I can come to your house and check your home /business in the physical - this can take 2 or  more hours.

Absent sessions:

This is if you live further away or anywhere in the world!  Also if you are happy for me to just do an absent session - saves organizing me having to come out to you as this can be difficult especially a business, this works just as well - since lock down for Covid 19 I have done many sessions this way with great results.

I write up a report in the session and email it to you and advise you on any corrections you may need to do - like put a crystal at your front door - burn some sage through your house.

Many of my clients also come in person and stay with me during the session - putting in their input / feelings about there home and or business - you are so welcome to do this also.

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